Storage as a Service (SAAS) Cloud Hosting Solutions

Storage as a Service

Our SAAS solutions mitigate risks in disaster recovery by providing long-term data storage and enhancing your business stability, including managing backups and providing cost savings in personnel, hardware and physical space. From small businesses to large enterprises, our SAAS solutions and technical support will optimize your disaster recovery strategy.

Remote storage of your data provides numerous benefits when compared to typical local storage solutions. SAAS is a much more cost-effective and efficient solution for storage, especially when you consider the potential infrastructure and hardware costs when the need to expand your local storage arises. The hardware cost to match our high performance solutions are typically cost prohibitive for most companies and provide faster and more efficient access to your data. Safety and security is another key benefit to consider. Local storage opens you up to unnecessary physical and virtual risks. Finally, our professionally trained technicians will provide continuous support and training to save you time, employee and IT expenses, while also ensuring the security of your data.

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