Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Every business collects, references and runs on data. That’s why data storage and backups are so crucial in the digital age. In fact, there are very few companies that can afford to lose data without experiencing a major disruption in service. Infinitech specializes in providing remote backup services to protect data from theft, flood, fire and file corruption. With our backup solutions, your information will be safe, secure and easy to access at a moment’s notice. Below are some of the many benefits you will enjoy from our embedded network functionality.


We can back up a limitless amount of data with no monthly service fees. Our clients receive free disk upgrades when the need arises, allowing them to continue compiling and protecting as much data as they need.

Auto eMail Notification

When backing up data, it’s not unusual for users to receive notifications such as “RAID Volume Full” or experience issues such as backup failures that cause concern. Don’t worry! While using Infinitech’s backup services, our system will automatically email and inform the administrator with details of the potential problem. The administrator will then take all necessary actions to correct or protect the system and ensure that there is no permanent damage to your data.

RSYNC Support

Through RSYNC, users can back up data between Infinitech servers and RSYNC servers or vice versa. RSYNC compatible platforms can include Linux or Windows and are capable of integrating with programs such as Delta Copy. This flexibility allows extreme ease and maneuverability for IT professionals looking to implement data backup plans.

Scheduled Backup

Instead of dedicating valuable man hours to managing your backups, our network allows you to schedule automated backups. Not only does this eliminate many opportunities for error, but also the need to hire or pay someone to supervise data security.

No matter the size of your business, data backup is crucial. Infinitech’s Network Remote Backup is the perfect solution for any enterprise and any industry. Don’t waste your time or resources on difficult and inflexible solutions. Call us today and we’ll make your data safe, secure and easily retrievable from anywhere in the world.