Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Cloud Solutions allow you to access your important data 24 hours a day, from any location. Not only does this open up space on your dedicated server, but it also expands your company’s network and computing capacity. This remarkable method of storage is used by businesses large and small across all industries and is a cost-effective way to manage your one of your most important assets.

Cloud computing can be used to optimize your business on every level. Salespeople will have their presentations readily accessible from any location, inventory information is always accurate and up to date, installers have immediate access to instructions and installation documents and spreadsheets, past and present, are instantly obtainable with a simple internet connection.

Security is another major concern for all companies, regardless of size. Our solutions ensure that your data is protected from getting lost with the use of our redundancy and backup methods, as well as from unauthorized access.

We Offer Three Different Platforms

SaaS, which is Software-as-a-Service: This is software that the entire company subscribes to. All information is contained and accessed by contacting the cloud.

PaaS, Platform-as-a-Service: Where networks, servers and storage are provided. Your company has the opportunity to create its own unique application using the tools and/or library from the platform.

IaaS, Infrastructure-as-a-Service: Storage and other specific but necessary operations are opted into and rented on an on demand basis from our large data centers.

Continued Support

  • Full IT Support
  • Application Integration
  • Application Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Datacenter
  • Data Platform
  • Maintenance
  • Consultation and Training for Software and Equipment

Infinitech is dedicated to providing the best possible cloud solutions and will customize the perfect solution for you. We make sure your transition is smooth and seamless while providing you with the support you need, when you need it.

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