How To Leverage It AI as a Small Business Owner

Businesses are increasingly becoming more digitized as the world of new technology enters into the workforce. One area, in particular, that is proving to be more disruptive than others, is Artificial Intelligence. But can businesses use AI to their benefit instead of as a detriment, and how?

Virtually every application and platform people use now days have some level of AI integrated within it. Facebook for example now uses AI in their chatbot system – allowing companies to program responses and improve customer experiences.

So here are three ways you can start using AI in business today:

1) Streamline your customer service – Taking advantage of AI can allow you to deploy customer support systems on various channels like incoming phone call systems, and can also be expedited customer support by enabling smart touch-points throughout the customer experience with interactive digital email contact points.

2) Use AI to grow your business – AI is increasingly being used to audit company results and optimize for them. As an example, you can program various features of online advertising like Google Adwords to optimize clicks based off of certain criteria and program custom served messages in response to certain keywords

3) Optimize sales with AI – One of the other things that AI can enable is the sales process. Many companies are now utilizing AI in custom CRM’s like Salesforce to both audit and improve the sales process. This can involve AI that recognizes when contacts have not been reached out to or to dynamically and enable improved and automated procedures that can enable custom responses along with informing the sales team.

AI is here to stay, and is becoming increasingly relevant for businesses, if you’re interested in learning more about the future of AI or how to use AI in your business, make sure to follow us or send us a message!