Wrobel Accounting

wrobel accounting

Migrating from an on-premise software implementation to one provided exclusively through a Citrix terminal environment sounded like a good idea … and it turned out to be.

Wrobel Accounting had come a long way from the days of its peer-to-peer Windows network. A new Windows Server command control over its fleet of workstations, and the power of the cloud was kicking efficiency to new heights.

Through the entire journey there has been us at Infinitech … servicing the equipment as we encountered it, and slowly making the way forward with new hardware and new services at Wrobel Accounting.

In addition to the cloud-delivered smorgasbord of accounting and tax software, Wrobel Accounting hosts its 3CX PBX in the Google Cloud. Employees are handed off to the public telephone network through nexVortex – the greatest thing to happen to business voice communications since touchtone dialing. Infinitech with 3CX and nexVortex deliver *THE MOST AFFORADBLE* and reliable VOIP service on the market.

Simplicity is key to success – we don’t deploy technology because we like it … we deploy it because it will work for you and you’ll enjoy it. At Wrobel Accounting, Infinitech proves this every day. The small business technology paradigm is changing, but Infinitech can show you the way.

Year: 2017

Services: Windows Server 2016, Active Directory, Citrix, Microsoft Exchange Server, Cisco Meraki, 3CX, StorageCraft, Cloud Backup, Bitdefender


wrobel accounting