Unlimited Companies, LLC

Unlimited Companies, LLC was sick of out-of-control monthly expenses for IT service. Plus, an imminent need for an overhaul of storage and computing resource was seen quickly approaching. Quotes and proposals from a handful of business infrastructure “experts” were in-hand, but all of them lacked long-term expectations or were top-loaded with unnecessary implementation expenses.

Infinitech built an entirely-virtualized server stack with a storage SAN appliance at its heart. Simple virtualization of physical servers, then later an upgrade & migration to current-generation Microsoft Server technologies have unleashed remarkable uptime and resiliency – even when physical conditions were less than ideal or electrical problems ran unchecked.

Even more exciting, the monthly cost to manage this new batch of equipment and provide helpdesk access to its users is reasonable, fixed, and all-inclusive.

Year: 2013

Services: VMWare, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Cybernetics SAN, Cisco Meraki, StorageCraft Disaster Recovery