Porsche Design Tower

Porsche Design Tower

Porsche Design Tower is a large condominium tower located in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. The hallmark amenity of the building are three car elevators that whisk residents to/from their nth floor garage at all hours of the day or night. iOS and Android mobile applications connect through an AWS instance to summon concierge or other management staff.

Infinitech presides over an interconnected network of video cameras, access control appliances, application & database servers, digital audio/video broadcasting equipment, and other ancillary devices. The car elevator interfaces with a dedicated stack of servers that sit on SAN storage.

Infinitech administers the network of desktop, laptop, and tablet computers while also providing ticket-driven helpdesk & support. Office 365 provides familiar collaborative messaging and file sharing for management employees. Turnkey disaster recovery is provided by StorageCraft.

The Porsche Design Tower is Infinitech’s flagship of network design and management expertise. Converging network traffic from multiple, disparate sources, ensuring daily data integrity and application availability, delivering collaborate cloud applications and helpdesk access, Infinitech is the one stop shop for small/medium operating technology and service.

Year: 2015

Services: Cisco Meraki Network Engineering, VMware virtual infrastructure management, iSCSI SAN deployment, Active Directory, RMM (remote management and monitoring), Amazon Web Services, Office 365, Technical Liaison


Porsche Design Tower