Fendi Chateau

fendi chateau

When many vendors try to connect their equipment to a network – audio/video contractors, HVAC installers, security camera technicians, access control installers – who enforces network address policies? Who ensures that the performance of the network will accommodate its requirements?

Fendi Chateau could have saved a lot of time, energy, and frustration if they had engaged a network engineer as their primary technical liaison to technology contractors.

Infinitech often comes in behind other companies and cleans up the messes they made. We have reverse engineered networks, redesigned addressing topologies on-the-fly, and restored services support access control, AV transmission, security, valet key, etc.

While we design killer networks, we can also repair them… and more than that, we can work with incumbent IT departments and 3rd party VOIP vendors. That’s what we did at Chateau Fendi. We fixed their problems and provided on-site technical expertise for their teams.

We made the network work.

Year: 2016

Services: Switching, Routing, Network Prioritization, Rukus Wireless, Crestron AV


fendi chateau