Capital Sign Solutions

capital sign solutions

Even in Raleigh, NC, Infinitech has its fingerprints all over one small business.

Infinitech provides the “stack” of essential backoffice software and solutions to assure a reliable, safe working environment for the employees of Capital Sign Solutions. Bitdefender security software, malicious link web filtering, Teamviewer, OS & application patching – Infinitech brings it all together in one convenient cost per device or user.

Originally a tenant in Infinitech’s hosted Exchange environment, Capital Sign Solutions took the journey to the cloud. Prolific emailers, Office 365 delivers vast mailbox capacity and granular arching so no messages are missed.

Lenovo ‘E’ and ‘T’ series laptops flow through to new staff as the company continues to grow. Infinitech is there, ready to provision and train new users, and keep the electronic doors of the operation open and available.

Year: 2009

Services: Bitdefender, Cloud Backup, Teamviewer, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Active Sync iPhone/Android, Helpdesk / ticketing


capital sign solutions